The Killers' Brandon Flowers washes his hands singing 'Mr Brightside'

It was a Top 10 hit for the band

Brandon Flowers
Author: Anna Sky HultonPublished 16th Mar 2020
Last updated 16th Mar 2020

As footage of Italians singing from their balconies has gone viral, while their country is in lockdown, The Killers have shared a video of lead singer Brandon Flowers singing the band's hit single 'Mr Brightside', while he washes his hands.

The video comes as the world has been warned to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds, in order to help protect themselves against Coronavirus.

In just 14 hours, the video has had more than 73K likes and nearly 27K comments, with one fan saying, 'The longest and best hand wash in history', with another saying, 'This is the funniest thing that has ever happened'.

The video captioned, 'But this is.' refers to an earlier tweet from the band, which showed a fake video of Italians seemingly singing 'Mr Brightside' from their balconies.

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